Gift vouchers

Vouchers are purchased during the opening hours at a nominal value of CZK 500/1.000/1.500/2.000 and Menu KOBE Wagyu – CZK 6.000.

Dear guests, please kindly observe the following conditions for the use of vouchers:

The entire restaurant: 20-30 people includes a 6-7 course meal, lunch menus is usually in many variants

The off-season – from January to August lunches 20 000 CZK
Dinner 45 000 CZK

season from September to December lunches 25 000 CZK
Dinner 60 000,- CZK

Confirmation of booking one week in advance and a deposit of 500 CZK / person account YAMATO – booking fee when booking the non-refundable.

Reservations from 10 people only option 1290 CZK per person – or 1390 CZK per persom – / person + 300 CZK – Mandatory drinks / person.
The price is valid for all persons ordered. ie 1590 CZK – / 1690 CZK – person.

Possibly in the form of traditional Japanese feast where food is served in the middle of the table and guests take meals on an ongoing basis to taste.

Maximum capacity is 40 seats.

For bookings please contact Mr. Vích – Restaurant Manager, or Mr. Hora – Chef

Yamato - Znaky