Marek Hora is one of the largest domestic experts on sushi and Japanese cuisine. He learned in Japan from Masayoshi Kazato, today one of the three most respected Japanese chefs, who has the right to cook for the emperor. He’s not just appreciated by experts, though, the Japanese living in Prague flock to his restaurant Yamato.

“I wanted to create a place where you will experience pure Japanese tastes with no changes. We do not mix any style or any world cuisine. Traditional Japanese cuisine is not just about sushi, as many think. It is very complex. Japanese cuisine presents the harmony of flavors, good looks and a story,” he said.

The basic ingredient for the preparation of meals is rice, from which everything depends on. For the Japanese, rice is sacred and is a symbol of life and, unlike the Europeans, is considered as the main course. Second comes fish and beef wagyu, which is famous for its marbling, unique taste, and special flavors.

Obviously, it is not only about food. “Traditional Japanese interior is simple, clean and uses usually light wood. It is also decent with decorations so that the customer can concentrate on food fully and is not disturbed by the environment,” says Hora.